"I have the simplest tastes; I am always satisfied with the best."

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My name is Cherie Rose and I handcraft high-end boutique luxury leisure travel for the cutting edge traveler.

I am also your one stop shop for all things lifestyle management. I pride myself on intuitively assisting you to craft your ideal lifestyle. When your lifestyle calls, The Bubbly Bon Vivant answers!

Ida Jackson

What do you get when you cross coaching, astrology and just plain genius with diligent planning and excellent network? The fairy godmother of all things travel, Cherie Rose. If you are working on “embodying your next level”, there are better places to do that than on Zoom. Like, in a five star hotel in Paris with your happy child playing in the spa while you enjoy the luxury amenities privately without disturbing any other guests with the splashing. Or reading by the fireplace in London in a hotel so quirky and inspirational that the poetry just magically arrives in your notebook. Cherie calls herself a travel designer. I say she’s the best thing that’s happened to my business, my art and my marriage. Listen, this is not for you if you enjoy going bargain hunting and over-planning. This is for you if you are wondering whether you should spend your company revenue on travel or more coaching. Why not get two in one? Let me tell you: I am not a digital nomad that can just “jump on a plane.” I have a very picky husband that’s also a wheelchair user. I have a small child and a growing company. Which means planning is hard and finding time to plan is even harder. Enter Cherie. When I hired her, my husband was like: “Sounds nice, but can she actually wheelchair plan?” Two hours into our Paris trip, he was floored. When we arrived at our hotel, and my son was greeted by the perfect toy? Well, it marked the “before and after Cherie-investment”, for sure. If you want someone that can double check, remind you, magically guess your needs and check your birth chart at the same time, this is for you. If you are someone that finds traveling hard, she can make it oh, so soft. If you want to manifest the next level, she’ll bring it. Like, today. In practical terms, a nice note, a great spa credit and a fun surprise waiting for you when you arrive. The only question is: Are you ready for the upgrade? 

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Stacy Holcomb

Luxury, Astrology, and Rock and Roll. These are three of my favorite things and once again you procured the perfect adventure for me. When I talked to you about my solar return and chose Scotland as the place I wanted to be for that return, I knew that once again you'd find accommodations that suited my style. I also knew the transfers would be seamless and that you'd point me in the direction of restaurants and pubs that would appeal especially to me. What I did not know, and only barely dared to hope, is that you could get me a ticket to a sold-out Van Morrison concert in Belfast. It was a huge ask and you came through! You found me a wonderful place to stay within walking distance of the venue, I got to check Van Morrison off my bucket list and from the 9th row - sweet! That jaunt to Belfast kicked off my solar return and the rest of the trip from Edinburgh to Haddington to Ayr was an adventure worthy of a storybook. You are my Magical Fairy Princess and I'll never leave the country without you.

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Patricia Wald-Hopkins

Cherie has set my spirit free with luxury travel the past several years. I have experienced the beauty and elegance of staying in hotels and resorts that I would not have been privy to without her. I am a very busy woman with work and a family and she has never failed to exceed my expectations and help me to remember that as a human being I am here to enjoy my life fully. I highly recommend having Cherie be your luxury travel matchmaker. I have only ever been enriched by the experiences she has curated for me and my family. She attends to every detail with the eye of a connoisseur exquisiteness and fine indulgences that inspire and nourish my body, mind and soul.

About Cherie Rose aka The Bubbly Bon Vivant

Bonjour! I'm Cherie Rose, your go-to travel designer extraordinaire, specializing in crafting bespoke luxury journeys for the discerning modern traveler.

Think of me as your chic little black book, unlocking the doors to custom-tailored travel escapades in all the hotspots. Forget cookie-cutter vacations - I'm here to sprinkle some magic and play matchmaker for your dreamy travel experiences, all perfectly aligned with your unique style.

Beyond my knack for creating unforgettable adventures, you gain access to my exclusive network of VIP relationships with the crème de la crème of the travel industry. Imagine scoring exclusive rates, indulging in VIP perks, and relishing in-the-know experiences. Remember, you can't VIP yourself, but fear not - I can VIP YOU! Get ready to transcend the ordinary and embark on travel escapades that redefine luxury.

Tori French

Cherie! You are an angel. Our trip to Japan was incredible and we can’t thank you enough for all the work you put in. It felt like you were right there with us! From the start you made sure that we had exactly what we wanted in our trip and it made getting around Japan a breeze. From getting a room upgrade to finding the best restaurants you do it all! Without you we wouldn’t have been introduced to so many local foods, drinks, and people. You MADE our trip. You are the best at what you do and we can’t wait to see what you plan for us in the future.


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Working with Cherie was a dream. Throughout the entire process, I felt super supported and heard. I'm really into meditation and all things spiritual. So when we decided to go to Hawaii, I knew I wanted to partake in activities that fed my soul. Only problem was, is that I was having trouble finding activities that felt authentic and grounded rather than super processed and touristy. Cherie came back with an amazing list of services and experiences and helped me book them. Swimming with sea turtles was  an unforgettable experience and the intuitive guidance and healing session she coordinated for me was wonderful. Cherie was incredibly attentive and available throughout our trip. If I needed anything I just texted her and she was immediately responsive and on it! We even had little treats delivered to our room throughout the vacation from Cherie. I just felt so special, taken care of, and loved! Thank you Cherie, for creating and curating such a magical trip for us!!!! You're the best!

Cherie Rose

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